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Tie Lanyard Heat Press Machine 25×100
Tie Lanyard Heat Press Machine 25×100

Tie Lanyard Heat Press Machine 25×100

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Tie Lanyard Heat Press Machine

Heat press machine which can be used to press long material such as lanyard, tie, etc. Works by using electricity to heat the heating element at the top, and then when lowered will press the T-shirt / other materials powerfully and making printing ink, plastisol, rubber, sublime, transfer paper, polyflex, etc stick well to the shirt / material.

This heat press machine is specially made to press long materials such as ties, lanyard straps, scarves, etc. which are difficult to accommodate by a regular heat press machine in square form.

The thick iron, combined with 2 connections between the handle and the heating plate, makes even pressure on all sides, the large handle design makes it easy to press with 2 hands or more than 1 person when needed.

Temperature controls and timers are already using digital tools, easy operation, anyone can use them.

This heat press machine uses 3000 watts of electricity, and equipped with a safety fuse so that if a short circuit occurs it will not cause electricity problem in your production place.

Heating element measuring 25 x 100 cm is teflon coated so that the material you press does not stick / stick with heat press machine.

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How to Use

1. Plug it into electricity 
2. Turn the button on the left of the heat press machine 
3. Indicator shows the temperature rising, wait until it reach the temperature you want. 
4. After reaching the temperature you want, put your shirt / material on the silicone rubber. 
5. Lower the heater and press it until locked. Timer will automatically count down. 
6. Wait until the timer goes off / according to your needs, then lift the heater up and grab the shirt / your materials.

How To Set Temperature and Alarm
1. When the indicators shows temperature information, there are 2 sections, temperature and timer.
2. Press the up or down arrows on each section to regulate it according to your needs.



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